Feed Mill – Pelleting Process / Typical Locations: On mash stream after conditioner to give mash moisture entering pellet mill. On mash stream before conditioner to give starting moisture reading. On cooler discharge stream to give finished pellet moisture & shrink information.

DDG – cyclone discharge / drag conveyor to load-out area. Sensor is mounted in bottom of drag conveyor carrying Dried Distillers Grain from blow-line to storage / load-out area. Output signal gives final moisture of
product at load-out storage area.

DDG – dryer discharge. Sensor is mounted at discharge stream or in recycle chute of dryer. Sensor
Output is used to regulate key parameters for optimum dryer performance.

Whole Corn – drag conveyor from storage bins to feed mill. Sensor is mounted in side of drag conveyor bringing material to hammer mill and pellitizer. Sensor output gives operator accurate moisture information for segregation and blending.

Corn Gluten – discharge from dryer. Sensor is mounted in dryer discharge chute or in bottom of discharge
screw conveyor. Moisture output helps to control dryer parameters.

Soy meal – chute discharge from dryer. Sensor continuously monitors moisture level of meal exiting the dryer. The signal is displayed on the control screen allowing the operator to adjust dryer speed and temperature for optimal meal quality and fuel consumption.
Soybean – truck dump receiving hoppers. As a load of beans enters the hopper, the sensor gives an instant reading to determine if that load falls within an acceptable moisture range. If the bean moisture is above an acceptable level, that load is conveyed to a different
storage bin for additional drying.

Foundry sand – sand conveyor feed to muller. Sensor is mounted in conveyor stream to help regulate amount of
water needed for proper molding sand consistency.

“Since installation of the A2D2 system 2 months ago, we have recouped all investment costs through both fuel savings from our dryer and (more importantly) the ability to run our system much closer to the moisture targets specified by our customers.”

-DDG Producer